Tableting Machines

High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses – “ACCURA” MODEL ACT-III

Maximum productivity on medium to large-sized batches and the most contributing flexibility in implementation is what this high-speed rotary tablet press has to offer. This absolute innovation has a lot of features embedded in it to yield maximum efficiency and ruling out any chances of wastage. It’s a monitoring system that functions on the input and output status helps in reap the advantage of mass production in the most superior manner. Proven features and special characteristics of real-time trending help the high-speed rotary tablet press manufacturers cater to the demanding needs of the industry. The results of the advancements in the design of the press machine by FLUIDPACK Manufacturers are efficiency, greater flexibility, and minimized tablet variation.

ACT-III Model: 51 STN “D” Tooling / 65 STN “B” Tooling / 81 STN “BB” Tooling Maximum Output- 7,77,600 Tablets / Hour

Maximum Output- 7,77,600 Tablets / Hour


Tablet Press Machine – High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press (“ACCURA” MODEL ACT-V)

Tablet Press Machine (Pill Press) with Pre Compression 2 Tons & Main Compression 10 Tons

This high-speed tablet press is mechanical equipment that compresses powders into tablets of consistent size, shape, and weight. As automatic equipment, this high tablet press machine greatly reduces the chance of tablet flaws and helps in perfect capping, lamination, picking, and sticking. The advantage of this high-speed double rotary press is that since each tablet is pressed from all sides using uniform pressure, they result in tight tablets with very less or no variation. Manufacturers of high-speed tablet press ensure the punching tool is of high quality and produced with special treatment to roll out smooth good quality tablets.

29 STN “D” Tooling / 37 STN “B” Tooling / 47 STN “BB” Tooling

Maximum Output-3,38,400 Tablets / Hour (CFC AND AWC – OPTIONAL)


“ACCURA” MODEL B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

27 Stn. "D'', 27 Stn. "B", 35 Stn. "B" & 45 Stn. "BB"
  • Square cGMP Model, Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press
  • Max. Output 2,16,000 Tablet / Hr.,
  • A.C. Drive & Electro Electromagnetic Clutch
  • Outside Detachable Electric Control Panel, Mechanical Pressure System

Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.