Tableting Machines

“ACCURA” MODEL B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

27 Stn. "D'', 27 Stn. "B", 35 Stn. "B" & 45 Stn. "BB"
  • Square cGMP Model, Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press
  • Max. Output 2,16,000 Tablet / Hr.,
  • A.C. Drive & Electro Electromagnetic Clutch
  • Outside Detachable Electric Control Panel, Mechanical Pressure System

Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.


Tableting Machines
Fluidpack under name of ACCURA brand has been offering manual, semi- automatic rotary tablet press and fully-automatic tablet press machines since 1983, also known as pharmaceutical tablet press machine, tablet compression machine & equipment, tableting machine.
High- end versatile high speed tablet press machine caters pharmaceutical industry along with cosmetic and cleaning product industry.

Working principle of Tablet Press Machine
The process starts with the formulation of a powder. The powder that includes diluents, lubricants and binders undergo a process of granulation before it is been fed in a tablet press. The powder is been fed into the hopper, metered and formed by die and punches. Die and Punches are usually the tablet tools of the tablet press machine. They define the size and shape of the tablet. Force is been applied in the process and then forms a solid tablet form

We offer wide range of Rotary Tablet Press Machines like;

  • Single Rotary Tablet Press
  • High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press
  • Double Rotary Tablet Presses
  • Slugging (Bolus) Single Sided Tablet Press
  • Mini Tablet Press – Single & Double Layer

Pre-pressure and main pressure can be changed easily depending on considering specifications like filling depth, granules or powder. Reliable and easy to operate tablet press equipment is available with different type of tooling as per model.

Unmatched salient features of pill press machine that make Fluidpack one of the leading manufacturer and supplier are exchangeable turret, easy operation through control panel, motorized pre and main compression, compaction force limit, cost saver even for multiple operations and more. We offer GMP & cGMP rotary press machines.Production capacity of versatile tableting equipment reaches up-to the production of 7, 77,000 tabs/ hour.

In today’s world, tablet press machine plays an integral role where a number of drugs are been manufactured in tablet form. Tablets are been manufactured with the help of tableting machine or tablet press machine by collectively two actions that is with help of punches and dies. We assure with the high quality and cost effective products by offering with the flawless range of the tableting machine. Our tablet press machine is made of modernized mechanism that allows the operator to the control over punches and dies in order to get an accurate table with weight, density and thickness as needed

Our Tablet Press Machines are highly demanded and exported to countries like U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Iran, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bangkok, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Egypt, Ukraine, and more.