How to Maximize Return with Protective Maintenance of Tablet Press Machine

In pharmaceutical industries, tablet press machine plays an integral part in the manufacturing of tablets. There are various types of tablet press machine available that is been used in the industries according to the requirement. Different types of tablet press machines like single tablet press machine, double tablet press machine; rotary tablet press machine and many more are used in industry. These machines used are to be maintained once used so as to make the machine run more fluently and unobstructed.

Following shows how to maintain the tablet press machine and maximize return:

Clean – The most significant step to maintaining your tablet press machine whether it is a single rotary tablet press machine, double rotary press tablet machine it should be kept clean. The tablet press machine should be thoroughly cleaned and dried in order to remove oil or product residue.  Remove the dust and granules from the machine with the help of air blower or pump or any other instrument that can generate a gust of air removing dust and granules from the machine. A long time accumulation of dust makes the machine tarnished that adversely affects its fluent running.

Assessment – Tablet Press Machine consists of punches and dies that should be inspected under magnification in order to identify the damage, wear, and corrosion as well as validate the cleaning process. This process will also help you to know about the problems associated with the machine, indicating if any maintenance required.

High Speed Tablet Press

Rust Removing – Due to the oxidation of feeding materials, tablet press machine becomes rusty. In order to remove the rust from the machine spray some rust agent on the machine and make it free from corrosion. After spraying, wipe the machine gently with the soft cloth of lint.

Adding Lubricating Grease – Once finished with rust free, add lubricating grease to the machining parts. Add some grease to the oil cups, as it is one of the main sources of providing oil to the machine running. It is necessary to timely add grease to oil cups for ease and fluency of machine running. Also, apply grease to the transmission parts.

So, why it is important to maintain and protect the tablet press machine?

  • For Qualitative Product
  • Prevention of malfunctioning of equipment that leads to product contamination
  • Clean surface for disinfection
  • Ensuring consumer safety
  • Increasing performance, productivity, and quality
  • Smooth and Fluent Functioning of Equipment
Maintaining of tablet press machine, in turn, creates a direct impact on the production as well as the quality of the tablets. Not only with maintaining, but it also helps to let you know about any damage, to the machine so that it can be repaired accordingly.

Fluidpack is the manufacturers and exporters of tablet press machines that provide different types of machines. Our different types of tablet press machine include single rotary tablet press machine, high-speed double rotary tablet press machine, B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press, D4-Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press and many more. For more information contact us today and get acquainted with the different types of tablet press machine.

Which Type of Tablet Press Machine You Should Buy?

Tablet press machine plays an integral role in today’s world as quite a number of tablets are been produced daily in the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the nature of the application there are different types of tablet press machine been used in the industry. The main reason for the continuous development of this machine is an increase in demand for tablets, multiplication of disease condition as well as an exponential increase in population. Apart from its use in the pharmaceutical industry, it is also been used in the different application that includes cleaning products as well as cosmetics. Well, if you are planning for buying a tablet press machine there are many options available. Following will guide you about which type of tablet press machine you should buy for your industry.


High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses Mainly, there are two types of tablet press machine namely as –

  • Single Station Tablet Press
  • Multi-Station Tablet Press
The above can be briefly explained as follow: Single Station Tablet Press: It is the simplest tableting equipment also known as single punch or eccentric punch. You can operate the machine manually or with help of an electric motor. It is easy to operate, robust and can manufacture tablets with odd shapes. Ease of control to the material loading process. It is mostly been used in small batch production, mainly used in R&D. This tablet press machine is highly been recommended for laboratories and R&D institutions. Multi-Station Tablet Press: It is also known as rotary press one of the most popular equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It is been named due to its rotating tableting assembly. It is mainly used for high production capacities as well as has cost-saving benefits. It produces tablets in bulk per hour depending on the configuration of the rotary tablet press machine. It ensures consistency and accurate tableting process due to its automated system, in turn eliminating human interventions. How to select with the best fit of the machine? In short, we conclude that there are mainly two types of tablet press machine, namely as single station and multi station. You should select the machine depending on your conditions as well as requirements. If you are looking for small scale production then you can go for single press machine. Else, for larger production you can go with the multi station press machine as it is considered producing the large quantity of tablets in turn saving time as well as human labor. Analyze with your production requirement and accordingly choose with the best fit for the machine to be selected. Depending upon the type of production that is large scale or small scale you can select with the best fit. For large scale you can also choose high speed double rotary press We at Fluidpack, offers with the variety of range of tablet press machine. There are different types of machine been available for tablet press that are been further categorized for the above types. Different models for these machines includes high speed single rotary press,B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press, Slugging Single Sided Tablet Press as well as multi tablet press.

Factors & Working Principle of Tablet Compression Machine

In the entire tablet manufacturing process, it is essential to choose with the efficient tablet compression machine. By choosing the right tablet compression machine as well as the tablet press machine it will have cost-efficient production. In order to produce with the cost-efficient product, a number of companies have chosen with the good tablet press machine as well that aim to eliminate counterfeits in the market.

While choosing the tableting machine, you aim should be to improve with the following key characteristics:

  • Minimize your production cost
  • Ensure the content of the dose
  • Ease of administration and swallowing
High Speed Double RotaryTablet Presses   Here are some of the factors to be considered with the tablet compression machine:
  • Compaction is a process in tableting that determines both the physical and chemical properties of a tablet. To product with the right tablet, with the required size and shape it is necessary to have the right tablet compression machine as well as tablet press machine.
  • Standardization is one of the important aspects to be considered with the tablet compression tooling machine.
  • Tablet Punches determines the efficiency of the tablet compression process.
  • Dwell time helps to improve the performance characteristic of a tablet.
  • To get the fast, efficient and fault-free tablets, it can be achieved by knowing with the dwell time of your tablet pressing machine.
  • Choose the right component for the tablet press machine.

Working principle about Tablet Compression Machine:

The basic principle behind working with the Tablet Compression Machine is the hydraulic pressure. The pressure is been transmitted via static fluid to all directions in the same proportion. Multiple force is also been applied if needed.

Different Stages of Compression Process:

Tablet compression process includes the following stages:

1 – Filling: It is a process which includes transferring the granules into the position for tablet compression. It consists of the punch- dies cavity where the granules are been adjusted according to the weight.

2 – Metering: Metering is the process of removal of the excess granules from the tablet compression machine. In simple terms it can be explained as for example, it is similar to the process used to determine the weight of flour during making a cake.

3- Compression: Compression is the main stage where the top and bottom punches come together by pressure within the die to form the tablet.

4- Ejection: Ejection procedure is nothing but the removal of table from the lower punch- die station.

There is also another type of machines been used in the pharmaceutical industry. Different machines include Tablet press machine, Mini Tablet Press, Tableting Machine, Rotary Tablet Press. All these machines differ from the different technical specifications as well as the working mechanism.

It is the desire for every business to manufacture with right and efficient performance. This can be achieved with table press machines or other table making machine with appropriate features. It ranges from choosing the tool, considering tablet requirements as well as analyzing the machine specifications. We at Fluidpack offer with the wide range of tablet making redefining quality standards and performance of Tablet Press Machines.


B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press– Features and Applications

B4- Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press is a tablet pressed machine which is used in production of simple and precised tablets in different pharmaceutical industries as well as different relevant industries. There are different series of tablet machine been available which is used for high production of tablets but still the working principle of the machine remains the same. Double Sided Rotary Tablet is a high speed mechanical device that compresses the ingredients into required tablet shape with extreme precision. Its works on the principle of compression where a tablet is been formed by action of punches and dies.

Double Rotary Tablet Press

B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press is available in different series and range varying with the technical properties that includes number of stations, type of tooling that is B,D, BB been used giving output of number of tablets per hour. The combination of dies, punches and their set up on compression machine is known as tooling. This tooling is further been classified mainly as B & D, B tooling can be further specified as BB and D tooling tooling can also be utilized with dies and punches with B tooling also known as DB.

Some of the salient features include:

  • Machine is having C.I Body and C.I Middle plate with paint free tablet manufacturing zone.
  • Electronic Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter with double slided lifting camps.
  • There are different guards available that is lower guard, upper guard and turret guard. Inter lock switches to all Guards.
  • Reverse direction motion protection to avoid accident.
  • There are effective nozzles for dust extraction.
  • One shot lubrication system with variable speed pulley and anti vibrating mounts.

The working principle of the tablet press machine involves powder filling, compression and tablet discharge. The process is very simple and straight forward that results in high productions of tablets.

Machine is been designed on the basis of following components:

Hopper: Holding and feeding granulation Dies: Defines size and shapes of tablet. Punches: For compression of granules within dyes Cams: Guiding the movement for punches. Feed paddle: Helps to direct material into die cavity Control System: Co-ordinates with most of the functions of the machine. Ejection Cam: Removes tablets from die cavity There are advantages for double sided rotary tablet press described as below:

High Production:

  • As the machine has many tool stations, it is been is used for large scale table production.
  • It can give maximum output of Max. Output 2,16,000 Tablet / Hr.
  • It makes a perfect choice for most pharmaceutical industries.

Fully/ Partially Automated System:

By the automated system you can control weight and hardness of the tablets independently. Machine automatically manages the cavity. Other advantages include the robust design, efficiency, and cost saving features with reliability that depends on the design of the machine.

At Fluidpack, we have a range of rotary tablet press that vary in design, technology, and production of capacity. We offer Hi- tech tableting operating machines, mainly includes manual, semi automatic and fully automatic.

For more information visit –

All about Punches and Dies

Punches and Dies play a significant role in the production of tablets. They are also known by the name of compression tools or tablet tooling. They come in varied types to underpin pharmaceutical industry by providing the diverse shape of pills.

The use of quality punches and dies comes with its own benefits, such as:

  • Excellent outcome
  • Increased shelf-life and easy maintenance
  • No or minimal chances of downtime which can save labor cost

This tells us a lot about the necessity of using proper tools. The article will further focus on the configuration and types of punches and dies.

Specification of Tablet Tooling: Configurations

Punches & Dyes

  • Tablet press machines are manufactured while keeping in view the type of dies and punches which will be applied to them. The punches & dies and their arrangement on tablet press is known as tooling. It is mainly classified into B and D tools.
  • The B tooling punches and dies can further have specifications as BB, and the D tooling can also be utilized on B tooling machine which is called as DB.
  • There are two standards of “B” and “D” tooling configurations used in manufacturing of tablets in the world today, namely American and European standards.
  • American Standard is known as the TSM standard. TSM tooling specifications are the only published standards for the tablet compression industry. It is the sole reference on U.S. manufacturing standards for tablets and tablet tooling. It was instituted by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).
  • European Standard is known as the EU or Euronorm standard. EU standard tool configurations are not published or governed by an organization or association. The EU standard is the most common tooling configuration used outside the U.S.A.
  • TSM and EU configurations are very similar to each other but both are different on the basis of punch head, punch length and head thickness.
  • These standards were established in the industry to provide a structure that protects companies’ tooling investments while maintaining established processes and procedures.

Types of Compression Tools & its Description

  • D tooling  Barrel Diameter is 1 inch Head Diameter is 1 and ¼th inch length is 5.25 inch Dies outer diameter is 0.945 inch
  • BB Tolling  Barrel Diameter is 0.75 inch Head Diameter is 1 inch length is 5.25 inch Dies outer diameter is 30.16 mm
  • BB Tooling B tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long.
  • DB Tooling Punch Length and Diameter of DB tooling is similar that of D tooling but the die diameter varies between them.
  • D tooling dies and punches are usually have a greater diameter of the tip of punches as compared to B type tolling which makes D type tooling ideal for compression of big size tablets.

Classifications of tools on the basis on their sizes are exhibited in the table below:

Tooling Type

Punch Barrel Diameter

Outer Diameter of Die


25.4 mm

38.10 mm


19.0 mm

30.16 mm


19.0 mm

24.00 mm


25.4 mm

30.16 mm

How to maintain Punches and Dies?

The maintenance of compression tooling becomes easy by following these mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: The punches and dies must be cleaned on the periodical basis. They can be washed in water and dried using a cloth.
  • Step 2: They must be evaluated with the proper and high-quality maintenance equipment prior to its installation as well as after using it for certain time to increase their shelf life.
  • Step 3: The regular inspection of punches and dies will provide us with information if any punch or die is corroded and whether it requires any repairing or not. If it requires, the prompt step must be taken towards it to decrease it negative effects.
  • Step 4: Measuring tools with the help equipment and polishing them whenever required will boost their performance by which accurate production will become possible.
  • Step 5: Lubricating compression tooling will decrease friction and enhance the operational activity of the tablet press machine. A range of non-toxic, FDA approved oils and greases are recommended for different applications such as preservatives or lubrication purposes. One should also take a note to store them in the safe and moisture-free place.

Why Choose Us? Fluidpack is one of the foremost companies involved in manufacturing and supplying quality punches and dies since 1983. The company produces equipment under the brand name of ‘Accura’ and delivers a wide range of machines consisting varied models of Tablet Press Machine, Roll Compactor, Tablet De-Burring & De-Dusting, Dust Extractor, Vibro Sifter, and many more.

The company has well-equipped manufacturing facility, experienced R&D department and skilled professionals who promote and explore advanced technologies to manufacture the finest machines, and  delivers them at cost-effective rates to our well-esteemed clients across the globe.

Importance of Dust Extractor in Medicinal Industry

Cleanliness is a basic requirement in every processing unit. And, if the unit produces consumable products, it becomes mandatory for a producer to maintain proper hygiene and comply norms of manufacturing products. Thus, the producers use air equipments to maintain clean environment and quality of air during manufacturing process.

A dust extractor is a mechanic device which is used to improve and maintain quality of air. It removes impurities from the air and makes it clean and breathable which is essential for products as well as workers in the industrial house.

Dust Extractor Machine

Dust Extractor: Application &Importance in Medicinal Industry

  • A standard dust extractor has various parts which work together to clear dust particles from air. The dust extraction hood is located close to the point where the dust is generated which is connected to a suction hose.
  • The suction hose is usually connected to a type of pip work in fluid. The hose operates with a separation accessory to separate the dust from the air taken in via air flow. Parts used for separating the dust from suctioned air by the dust extraction system consists of filters and cyclones
  • The dust extractor maintains dust-free environment during production of commodities. It is highly demanded from industries like Food & Beverage, and especially from pharmaceutical.
  • It also helps in capturing toxic dust generated during tablet compression in medicinal industry which is physically hazardous and volatile material.
  • The toxic dusty air can even be harmful to health of workers which may result into their absenteeism and low productivity.
  • The dust extractor helps producer to supply dust-free products which is approved and imported by various countries.

Future Insights of Demand of Dust Extractor

  • There is a growing demand for various manufacturing plants to become cleaner and environmentally responsible to ensure that future generations also enjoy the benefits of clean air.
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has witnessed a positive trend in the production and export of its products. It is predicted that it would be among the top 10 markets in the world by 2020.
  • The pharma sector also has huge market of mechanized cleaning. Professional cleaning of pharmaceutical facilities is necessary to obtain the necessary compliances guided by various nations.
  • Producers across the globe started using dust extractor in manufacturing process to comply with the regulations and guidelines by various countries to produce export-oriented tablets.
  • Thus, there is good scope and great demand of pharmaceutical dust extractor in many countries including India.

If you are a producer for whom cleanliness matters a lot while producing commodity, you may require a high grade dust extractor to underpin your production process. In such a case, you can turn to specialists of Fluidpack.

Who are we?

Fluidpack is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of Dust Extractor in India since 1983. The company manufactures pharmaceutical machines under the brand name of Accura, and offers a diverse range of high quality products such as varied models of Tablet Press, Roll Compactors, Tablet Press, Tablet De-Burring & De-dusting machine, Colloidal Mill, Communiting Machine, Punches & Dies, Oscillating Granulator, and many more. With the vision to provide better tableting solution, we deliver superior grade machines and unmatched customer services at competitive prices to our well-esteemed clients throughout the world.

Roll Compactor Machine- Application in Pharmaceutical Industry

The advancement is witnessed in every sector, and pharmaceutical is not also legging behind any sector. The modern operation techniques and machineries are transforming to serve the patients in the easiest and better way.

Roll Compactor Machine is one such innovation. It is introduced to cater the increasing demand of tablets. It offers greater productivity and helps in simplified processing in tablet formation.

Roll Compactor Machine & its Working Process

The Roll Compactor Machine is used to increase the bulk density of granules, which is essential for tablet press as it requires good, consistent and flowing materials for high productivity. They come into two models; (i) Water Jacketed and (ii) Plain & Water Jacketed.

Roll Compactor is also known as dry granulator, consists of three major parts such as:

  • Feeding System
  • Compaction Unit
  • Size Reduction Unit

Roll Compactor Machines

Working of Roll Compactor Machines The working process of dry granulator is described in brief:

  • Material Feeding– The machine has a feed system that conveys the powder to the compaction chamber.
  • Material Compacting– The compaction unit has two rollers. The powder is compacted into a homogenous solid between the rotating counter rolls to produce a ribbon by applying magnitude force.
  • Granulation Process-The size reduction unit mills the ribbons to get the particles of desired size, that is, small or large granules.

The dry granulator is cost-effective way to acquire fine granules. It comes in compact size and promotes continuous process. Thus, it is space and energy efficient.

Roll Compactor Machine: Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry

 Proper Formulation of Drugs

  • Sometimes, the granules are accompanied with inconsistent and bulky particles.
  • The materials may also have poor flow properties and poor formulation, and it may hamper the tablet processing.
  • The roll compactor can be used to overcome the difficulties by granulating the particles into desired size.

Granulation of Thermolabile Drugs

  • The dry granulator is used to granulate thermolabile drugs, that is, the drugs which are sensitive to heat and often subjects to decompose or change by the application of moderate heat.
  • It does not change the texture and properties of such kind of drugs while granulating them.

Preparation of Active Ingredients & Excipients

  • Roll Compactors blends active ingredients and excipients to make it as dosage forms.
  • It is used to achieve the required increase in bulk density and uniformity of the granules required for tablet manufacturing.

 Compaction of Herbal Dry Extracts

  • Herbal dry extracts often possesses hygroscopic properties due to their hydrophilic components like sugars or organic acids.
  • These extracts show poor compression attributes which makes compaction an essential process prior to production process of tablet.


The roll compactor machines are effective and efficient way of processing granules in pharmaceutical companies.

If you are a tablet producer who requires supreme grade and high-tech Roll Compactors, you can turn to the experts of Fluidpack.

Who are we?

Fluidpack is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical and its allied machineries since 1998. The company manufactures the machineries under the brand name of Accura, it is considered as a trustworthy brand in India.

We offer diverse range of product range which includes varied models of Accura Tablet Press, Roll Compactor Machine, Tablet Coating Machines, Commuting Mill, Oscillating Granulators, and other pharmaceutical equipment.

The company has modern infrastructure, huge production capacity, and proficient engineers which promotes them to supply excellent quality of products at cost-effective rates to our valuable clients across the globe.

Tablet Press Machine : Advancements in Pharmaceutical Industry

The tablet press, a mechanical device, is also known as compressing machine that compresses powder into tablets with precise size, shape, and weight. The tablet making machines are used in pharmaceutical companies as well as in industries which deal in manufacturing of illicit drug, cleaning products and cosmetics for producing pills. Tableting machines are used to give varied shapes to tablets. Why Tablet Making Machine has been constantly evolved? The development in tablet press became necessity to cater its increasing demand, multiplication of ailment conditions, and extreme growth of population.

  • The introduction of stringent standards of hygiene to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP).
  • The origination of newer technology in tablet production.
  • The advancements of automation and continuous monitoring in production process.

Some of the Modern Innovations of Tablet Press: Single Rotary Tablet Press

  • Single Rotary Tablet Press is a standard model machine, used for production of pills from powder.
  • The machine is designed to maximize cleanliness in operation and accessibility.
  • They also come in varied models such as Single Rotary Tablet Press with Exchangeable Turret, Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press, and many more.

High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press

  • The high speed double rotary tablet press is used for huge batch production of tablets.
  • These machines can be operated and controlled by soft touch and PLC control system respectively. Thus, it ensures smooth operation.
  • Fluidpack under the brand name of Accura manufactures a varied and modern range of this type of machines. They are:
  • High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press with Pre-Compression 3 Tons & Main Compression 10 Tons & Exchangeable Turret
  • High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press With Pre-Compression 2 Tons & Main Compression 10 Tons

High Speed Tablet Press

  • High Speed Tablet Press is one of the important advancements in Compressing machine. It is designed to meet the CGMP compliance at the highest level.
  • It ensures the most accurate and economical tablet production due to its sophisticated features.
  • It is adaptable as it promotes easy machine contacts and tablet parameter settings.
  • It also has a digital tablet counter with RPM meter which is essential for millennium batch size production.
  • Accura offers different series of this machine. Such as:
  • High Speed Tablet Press II
  • High Speed Tablet Press IV
  • The series of machine varies in context of number of stations, type of tooling and many other important specifications.

Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

  • The Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press is designed for medium size batch production.
  • It supports easy cleaning with its Dust Extraction Nozzles.
  • It ensures safety from any accident through reverse direction motion protection.

Slugging (Bolus) Single Sided Tablet Press

  • Slugging Single Sided Tablet Press is suitable for small size batch production.
  • It is a square model and it promotes easy lubrication with one shot Lubrication System.
  • It is useful for the production of veterinary tablets for animals.

Mini Tablet Press

  • Mini Tablet Press is compact in size and it used to produce small and precise tablet production.
  • It is mostly used in research and development departments for medicine formulation development.
  • Accura supplies mini tablet press with two different models viz. Single Rotary and Double Layer Mini Tablet Press.

Why Fluidpack? Fluidpack is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical machineries in India, since 1983. We offer a wide range of product range which consists of various model of tablet presses- Single Rotary Tablet Press, High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses, High Speed Tablet Press, Double Rotary Tablet Press, and many more, under the brand name of Accura.

The company also manufactures different kinds of allied machines such as Tablet De-Burring & De-Dusting Machines, Colloid Mill, Communiting Mill, Oscillating Granulator, Punches & Dies and Roll Compactor. The company undertakes the production process while adhering to guidelines and hence, the products conform to international standards.

We conduct business in an ethical manner with an aim to provide quality and better tableting solutions. Accura’s products are demanded globally as we provide the supreme grade machineries manufactured with edge leading technology at cost-effective rates to our well-regarded customers throughout the world.

Conclusion The constant advancements of tablet press have been proved very useful to cater the increasing epidemics. It has promoted bulk batch production with acute accuracy and perfection. It is important to maintain them as they are used for variety of products in pharmaceutical companies.

High-Tech Tableting Machines & Pharmaceutical Machineries Manufacturer & Exporter

Fluidpack is a company involved in manufacturing and supplying of well-designed pharmaceutical machineries. It came into existence in 1983 with an aim to provide Quality and Better Tableting Solutions.

Fluidpack manufactures machines under the brand name of ‘ACCURA’. The company came a long way, since the first machine was produced in the year of 1998. Accura is considered as the most trusted and leading brand of pharmaceutical equipment in India. We offer a wide array of pharmaceutical and its allied equipment, which comes in three forms viz. Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic.

The company mainly focus on supplying various model of tablet presses- Single Rotary Tablet Press, High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses, High Speed Tablet Press, Double Rotary Tablet Press, etc. Different kinds of allied machines such as Tablet De-Burring & De-Dusting Machines, Colloid Mill, Communiting Mill, Oscillating Granulator, Punches & Dies and Roll Compactor are also supplied by us.

Fluidpack has an excellent and advanced infrastructure, with huge production capacity.  The company’s products conform to international standards and they are applauded worldwide. As a consequence, we have achieved great customer base with more than 2250+ installations globally.

Accura has been catering pharmaceutical industry with the best and innovative solutions by providing machineries produced with the latest technology. Our success is underpinned by strong commitments to provide the best quality machineries at cost effective rates with its timely delivery to our esteemed clients at domestic and international level.

We aim to develop comprehensive solutions for market-driven needs as we are customer-centric organization. The company also endeavors to develop high speed tablet presses with automation and other advanced features that can add value in improving productivity and accuracy in tablet production.

single rotary tablet press machine

Some of the products we supply include:

Tableting Machine

A tableting machine is a device that compresses powder into pills of precise size and weight. These machines are commonly used for manufacturing pills in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, FMCG, and many more.

Fluidpack provides a varied range of tableting machines such as:

  • Single Rotary Tablet Press
  • Single Rotary Tablet Press with Exchangeable Turret
  • High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press
  • High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press with Pre Compression 3 Tons & Main Compression 10 Tons & Exchangeable Turret
  • High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press With Pre Compression 2 Tons & Main Compression 10 Tons
  • High Speed Tablet Press with models II & IV
  • Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press
  • Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press
  • Slugging (Bolus) Single Sided Tablet Press
  • Single Rotary Mini Tablet Press
  • Double Layer Mini Tablet Press


  • Accura Tableting machines can manufacture odd shape products efficiently.
  • They are user-friendly and easily controllable.
  • They are apt for small as well as bulk production batch.

Roll Compactor Machine

The roll compactor consists of two rollers that condense the powder to a homogenous solid with the required bulk density. The bulk density of powder results in its better flowing, which is important for producing pills and capsules. The company manufactures diverse models of this machine to serve our client’s specific requirements and they are:

  • Water Jacketted Mini Roll Compactor
  • Plain & Water Jacketted Roll Compactor with its two different models


  • Our Roll Compactor Machines are fully automated systems, with advanced safety measures.
  • They promote uninterrupted operation and they are also energy-efficient.
  • They can minimize dust problems effectively.

Allied Equipments

Allied equipment are the machines that support the tablet production process. With an aim to provide every possible aid to pharmaceutical industry in the best manner, Accura offers a wide array of allied equipment which are:

  • Tablet De-Burring & De-dusting Machine– For clearing tablets
  • Dust Extractor Machine– For controlling the dust generated during compression of tablet, it ensures a dust-free product which is essential for safety and health of people.
  • Commuting Mill- For downsizing of granules or for size reduction.
  • Multi Mill- For wet and dry granules grinding.
  • Sifter Machine- For separating, breaking up the clumps and later combining them in dry ingredients.
  • Tablet Coating- For coating the surface of tablets.
  • Colloidal Mill- For reducing the pill or tablet size.
  • Oscillating Granulator– For gentle homogenization, size reduction, grading and sieving of dry granules.


  • Accura allied equipment are easy to operate.
  • They require less maintenance and consume low power.
  • They are space-efficient, flexible and mobile.

Punches and Dies

Punches are the device used for punching process which applies a punch press to force a tool through workpiece to create a hole via shearing. Die is a tool which is used to cut or shape pill or any material using press.


  • The company manufactures punches and dies from excellent quality of steel. Thus, they are durable.
  • It provides excellent performance.
  • It facilitates both simple and complex designs with accuracy.

Since its inception, Fuidpack is meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations by providing user friendly, easy to maintain and cost effective hi-tech pharmaceutical and its allied machineries at competitive prices. We conduct our business in an ethical manner to develop and sustain trust of our clients across the globe.