Which Type of Tablet Press Machine You Should Buy?

Tablet press machine plays an integral role in today’s world as quite a number of tablets are been produced daily in the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the nature of the application there are different types of tablet press machine been used in the industry. The main reason for the continuous development of this machine is an increase in demand for tablets, multiplication of disease condition as well as an exponential increase in population. Apart from its use in the pharmaceutical industry, it is also been used in the different application that includes cleaning products as well as cosmetics.

Well, if you are planning for buying a tablet press machine there are many options available. Following will guide you about which type of tablet press machine you should buy for your industry.

High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses Mainly, there are two types of tablet press machine namely as –

  • Single Station Tablet Press
  • Multi-Station Tablet Press
The above can be briefly explained as follow: Single Station Tablet Press: It is the simplest tableting equipment also known as single punch or eccentric punch. You can operate the machine manually or with help of an electric motor. It is easy to operate, robust and can manufacture tablets with odd shapes. Ease of control to the material loading process. It is mostly been used in small batch production, mainly used in R&D. This tablet press machine is highly been recommended for laboratories and R&D institutions. Multi-Station Tablet Press: It is also known as rotary press one of the most popular equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It is been named due to its rotating tableting assembly. It is mainly used for high production capacities as well as has cost-saving benefits. It produces tablets in bulk per hour depending on the configuration of the rotary tablet press machine. It ensures consistency and accurate tableting process due to its automated system, in turn eliminating human interventions. How to select with the best fit of the machine? In short, we conclude that there are mainly two types of tablet press machine, namely as single station and multi station. You should select the machine depending on your conditions as well as requirements. If you are looking for small scale production then you can go for single press machine. Else, for larger production you can go with the multi station press machine as it is considered producing the large quantity of tablets in turn saving time as well as human labor. Analyze with your production requirement and accordingly choose with the best fit for the machine to be selected. Depending upon the type of production that is large scale or small scale you can select with the best fit. For large scale you can also choose high speed double rotary press We at Fluidpack, offers with the variety of range of tablet press machine. There are different types of machine been available for tablet press that are been further categorized for the above types. Different models for these machines includes high speed single rotary press,B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press, Slugging Single Sided Tablet Press as well as multi tablet press.