High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses – “ACCURA” MODEL ACT-III

Maximum productivity on medium to large-sized batches and the most contributing flexibility in implementation is what this high-speed rotary tablet press has to offer. This absolute innovation has a lot of features embedded in it to yield maximum efficiency and ruling out any chances of wastage. It’s a monitoring system that functions on the input and output status helps in reap the advantage of mass production in the most superior manner. Proven features and special characteristics of real-time trending help the high-speed rotary tablet press manufacturers cater to the demanding needs of the industry. The results of the advancements in the design of the press machine by FLUIDPACK Manufacturers are efficiency, greater flexibility, and minimized tablet variation.

ACT-III Model: 51 STN “D” Tooling / 65 STN “B” Tooling / 81 STN “BB” Tooling
Maximum Output- 7,77,600 Tablets / Hour

Maximum Output- 7,77,600 Tablets / Hour

Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Operation Through Control Panel (By Ipc- Industrial Pc)
  • Having Castor Wheels, for easy movement
  • IPC (Industrial P.C.) With 15” Colour Touch Screen
  • Easy to operate by soft touch
  • Visual indication on safety messages.
  • The Batch data can be recorded automatically & down loaded.
  • The information of product can be recorded & saved under a file name.
  • 3 Way passwords system
  • With a Screen having various sections, making scanning and impact of data, easily
  • The display and recorded data can be printed also.
  • The after sales, PLC complaints can be carried out by internet, Separate
  • E-Mail connection and can be carried out comfortably in the operation terminal.
  • The data can be stored.
  • Pen drive connectivity
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses
AWC – (Automatic Weight Controller) (an accura advantage)
  • The range of AWC is divided such as control, reject and data store.
  • Graphical appearance of the value of pre & main pressure.
  • Display of figurer and graph both for the value of pressure on each individual punch.
  • Indication / Display, of any no. of the selected punch & the respective value of
  • pressure applied on it.
  • Filling depth can be adjusted, if the amount of filled powder is exceeded or
  • shortened beyond preset value.
  • The faulty tablet will be rejected automatically.
  • All data like production, rejection samples taken. Batch time segment etc. is recorded.
  • Discharge chute with three compartments like initial reject, auto reject & sampling gate.
  • The set permanents and the actual parameters can be visualized on the
  • screen, at the same time.
  • Empty punch can set.
High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses Machine
Benefits of Scada
  • Report Generation in Access / Excel
  • Use of unlimited storage of PC (Particularly) ‘n’ of recipes
  • Connectivity to any type of Printer.
  • Graphical system representation
  • Real time trending
  • Alarm History.
  • Audit trail
  • Advanced security Level
Accura Double Rotary Tablet Press Model
Centralized Scada Monitoring System (an accura advantage)

Machine input & output status can be observed & monitored in parallel to the machine connected panel. from out side, by any competent authorized person, while sitting in his office. (Wireless laptop connectivity)

Double Rotary Tablet Presses Machine