High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses – “ACCURA” MODEL ACT-III

ACT-III Model: 51 STN “D” Tooling / 65 STN “B” Tooling / 81 STN “BB” Tooling Maximum Output- 7,77,600 Tablets / Hour

Maximum Output- 7,77,600 Tablets / Hour

Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Operation Through Control Panel (By Ipc- Industrial Pc)
  • Having Castor Wheels, for easy movement
  • IPC (Industrial P.C.) With 15” Colour Touch Screen
  • Easy to operate by soft touch
  • Visual indication on safety messages.
  • The Batch data can be recorded automatically & down loaded.
  • The information of product can be recorded & saved under a file name.
  • 3 Way passwords system
  • With a Screen having various sections, making scanning and impact of data, easily
  • The display and recorded data can be printed also.
  • The after sales, PLC complaints can be carried out by internet, Separate
  • E-Mail connection and can be carried out comfortably in the operation terminal.
  • The data can be stored.
  • Pen drive connectivity
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses
AWC – (Automatic Weight Controller) (an accura advantage)
  • The range of AWC is divided such as control, reject and data store.
  • Graphical appearance of the value of pre & main pressure.
  • Display of figurer and graph both for the value of pressure on each individual punch.
  • Indication / Display, of any no. of the selected punch & the respective value of
  • pressure applied on it.
  • Filling depth can be adjusted, if the amount of filled powder is exceeded or
  • shortened beyond preset value.
  • The faulty tablet will be rejected automatically.
  • All data like production, rejection samples taken. Batch time segment etc. is recorded.
  • Discharge chute with three compartments like initial reject, auto reject & sampling gate.
  • The set permanents and the actual parameters can be visualized on the
  • screen, at the same time.
  • Empty punch can set.
High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Presses Machine
Benefits of Scada
  • Report Generation in Access / Excel
  • Use of unlimited storage of PC (Particularly) ‘n’ of recipes
  • Connectivity to any type of Printer.
  • Graphical system representation
  • Real time trending
  • Alarm History.
  • Audit trail
  • Advanced security Level
Accura Double Rotary Tablet Press Model
Centralized Scada Monitoring System (an accura advantage)
Machine input & output status can be observed & monitored in parallel to the machine connected panel. from out side, by any competent authorized person, while sitting in his office. (Wireless laptop connectivity)
Double Rotary Tablet Presses Machine