Double Rotary Tablet Press – “ACCURA” MODEL ATX II

37 Stn. "D'', 45 Stn. "B", 55 Stn. & 61 Stn. "BB"

  • Square cGMP Model, Single Side High Speed Tablet Press
  • Max. Output 2,56,200 Tablet / Hr., SEIKO Dials
  • Pre-Compression, Force Feeding Facility & Hydraulic Pressure System
  • A.C. Drive & Electro Electromagnetic Clutch
Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine ATX - II

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Double Rotary Tablet Press

No. of Station 37 Station 45 Station 55 Station 61 Station
Type of Tooling D B BB BB
Output-Tablet/Hr (Min./Max)* 26,640 to 1,55,400 32,400 to 1,89,000 39,600 to 2,31,000 43,920 to 2,56,200
Max. Operation Pressure (Main kn) 100 65
Operating Pressure (Pre-Compression) 15
Depth of Fill 20 mm 16 mm 11 mm 11 mm
Max. Tablet Dia. 25 mm 16 mm 11 mm 11 mm
Upper Punch Penetration 3 to 6 mm
Upper Punch Penetration – Pre Comp (mm) 2 to 5 mm
Total Power 7 kw / 9.5 hp
Main Electric Motor 5.5 kw / 7.5. HP/ 415 V / 3Phase 50 Hz.
Overall Dimension (mm) 1500 (L) x 1200 (W) x 2000 (H) (Guard Close)
Overall Dimension (mm) 2220 (L) x 2350 (W) x 2100 (H) (Guard Open)
Case Dimension (mm) 2100 (L) x 1700 (W) x 2150 H
Net Weight (Approx.) 2200 kgs.
Gross Weight (Approx.) 2500 kgs.

Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.

Double Rotary Tablet Press Salient Features

  • In Compliance with cGMP Standard
  • High speed Turret Operation – up to 70 RPM.
  • Pre- Compression as a Standard Features.
  • SS 316 Contact Parts and Middle Plate of Turret
  • Three PC. Turret with Electroless Nickel Plating & Lower Punch seals.
  • Easily removable bottom driven rotary Force Feeders.
  • Main Motor and force feeder motors drives through ACVFD.
  • Electromagnetic Clutch system  to protect rotating parts from the starting toque means, less wear  & tare.
  • Hydraulic Power pack system for pressure loading and overload release.
  • All Machine contacts & tablet parameter settings from outside of the machine
  • Centrally driven oil immersed gear box having direct drive to the turret.
  • Main motor & drive have rested to permit the start of the machine at any speed, under maximum load, Without any complications.
  • Adjustable Upper Punch Penetration (This feature is highly beneficial when tablet difficult products Or making very Shallow tablets.
  • Double Sided Groved Channel Type Upper Cam Track for Lifting / Lowering the upper Punches.
  • Auto Lubrication pump, as a standard features.
  • Acrylic upper cabinet guards having 12 mm thickness.
  • Lower guards of SS 304, having excellent matt finish.
  • Hopper with Butter fly valves & Hopper granule level sensor
  • Hour run meter, to record the total machine run time.
  • Digital tablet counter with RPM Meter.
  • Interlocked limit switches to upper guards for operator safety.
  • S.S. Cladding to the bottom plate for easy cleanability
  • Anti Vibration mount at the bottom plate
  • Tablet MFG. Zone, paint free & without corner support pillars, for easy cleanability
  • Box type control Pannel
  • Box type control panel of SS 304 material, on back side of the machine This a Unique feature which protect control Panel & Electricals for dust partials.

Double Rotary Tablet Press Optional Features

  • Polycarbonate upper guards (Optional)
  • Separate Electric control Pannel (Optional)
  • PLC with MMI Colour Touch Screen (Optional)
  • Servo Motor Mechanism for tablet thickness Auto dialing through PLC (Optional)
  • Auto Rejection and Random Sampling Device (During Start and Stop of the Machine) (Optional)
  • Fully Computer Control system (CFC) (Optional)
  • Powder loading system (VAC – V- Max Type) (Optional)
  • Lower punch lubrication spray System (Optional)
  • 2 Year recommended Spares (Optional)