Improvement In Tablet Pressing Machine Over The Years

Tablet pressing machine is an equipment used in pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries. Now, similar to every other industrial equipment, the tablet press machine has been improved & innovated over the years. From its features to applications and various other top-level improvements, the machine is now preferred in multiple industries. Increased accuracy & faster production of tablets are the quality aspect of this equipment. There are multiple features that highlight the improvement made by the tablet pressing machine over the years, and here mentioned are the following points that characterize the drastic change of tablet press equipment.

D-4 Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press

The traditional tablet presser machine was a hand-operated machine in which the pressing of tablets into different sizes requires both equipment & physical force. The hand-operated tablet pressing machine was one of the top-graded & innovative pharmaceutical equipment, at that time. Now, here are the following mechanisms & features that were used in the hand-operated tablet pressing machine.

FEATURES:  The hand-operated tablet pressing machine was an equipment, which was utilized to punch the powder particles in order to create the tablet forms & structures. The tablet presser equipment was operated for a specific period in which the pressing of tablets was executed. Another quality aspect of the tablet presser was that it was a semi-automatic machine, which was helpful in reducing the workload at a certain level.

MECHANISMS: The mechanisms of the traditional tablet pressing equipment were simple, the tablet powder was inserted in the hoppers with the labour’s assistance. Once the material was fed, the machine used to start the process, where the tablets were shaped with the help of trays, which were manually fed by the workers. In addition to that, the collection process & counting of tablets was also executed by the operators of the tablet pressing machine. 


The tablet pressing machine has been drastically changed into top-graded equipment that can be used for executing the tablet pressing function in the modern times.

FEATURES: The new & high-tech tablet presser equipment is automatic industrial equipment, that executes the entire tablet pressing procedure by itself. The modern tablet pressing machine also has die cavities & punches, which allows convenient pressing of tablets. The compression system is also one of the quality features that are present in the innovative tablet pressing machine. This compression system allows the machine to apply final force to the material so that the required size & shape of the tablet can be processed easily.

MECHANISMS: Mechanisms of the tablet press equipment have also improved a lot over the years. Starting from the processing of material feeding in the hopper, as it can be done automatically without any labour assistance. The entire process of tablet pressing from compressing to punching can be easily executed with the help of a new tablet pressing machine. Another major change in the mechanism of the new tablet presser is that the tablet ejection system can be utilized to discrete the waste powder extracts of the tablet from the discharging chute.

As, the industries nowadays require equipment that is faster & accurate, so that every process can be executed in no time, the new & improved tablet pressing machine has the ability to perform up to the mark. With all the innovative & top-graded features & mechanisms, the automatic tablet pressing machine has replaced the traditional-type tablet presser from different industries.