Allied Equipments

Communiting Mill (“ACCURA” MODEL)

The Communiting mill serves the downsizing, milling, pulverization, and dispersion of wet and dry products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics, fertilizers industry, and more. The communiting mill suppliers do the same by following the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance) and offering communiting mills with high speed for fine grinding. The modified design of the communiting mill ensures that there is consistent quality and output is dependent on three variables- Knife, speed, and screen size. The plain and water-jacketed models aim at a smooth operation along with reduced noise levels as performance in size reduction without damaging the product. A wide range of screens is also available in the mill for various process needs.

  • cGMP Model with High Speed Crushing upto 200 mesh
  • Available with Plain & Water Jacketed Models
  • Easy to clean,
  • Pedestal mounted Beaters assembly is reducing vibration and noise level
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The Multi Mill ‘Accura’ Model is versatile machinery suitable for dry pulverizing of lumps to smaller particles of the desired size by the use of sheer action. Multi Mill machines require less space and are easy to be cleaned and multi-mill manufacturers provide a superior quality machine with a wide option of speed to run. Its operational advantage is incomparable because it uses a cylindrical drum for higher output and can be run for a long time continuously. The multi mill machine offered by FLUIDPACK is of the model which can provide crushing up to 100 mesh. The Multiple combinations of Screens, Speeds, and Number of Blades add up to the efficiency of this multi-mill while supporting the function of a reversible switch to change the direction of the beater.

  • cGMP Model with Crushing upto 100 mesh
  • Direction of beaters can be changed by reversible switch.
  • All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned.
  • Cylindrical screen for higher output.
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Vibro Sifter “ACCURA” MODEL Vibro Sifter (cGMP)

20" (Screen Dia.503 mm) & 30" (Screen Dia.752 mm)

This energy-efficient machine called the Vibro sifter separates and sieves the components of the required particle size for further processing and direct use. The vibratory motion separates materials to produce the desired result. Vibro Sifter Manufacturers present it in the most compact and portable design with high quality and efficient parts. The critical function of the Vibro sifter is applied in the accurate segregating of the material as per dimensions. The Vibro Sifter’ Accura’ Model helps in the final assurance of the steadiness of the product to be sifted. Vibro Sifter exporters also cater to the increasing demand for this equipment owing to its high-quality performance and long span of services.

  • Available in different models with special design for more output
  • Continuous feed, screening & Discharge 
  • Noiseless, Maintenance free & high speed machine.
  • Portable, compact & elegant.
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Tablet Coating Machine – “ACCURA” cGMP Tablet Coating Equipment

Model-30" Dia. to 60" Dia.

The tablet coater while giving a smooth finish to tablets also ensures physical and chemical protection of the tablets. Tablet coating machines protect the drug from the gastric environment as well as help in taste masking and making them odour free. Tablet coater manufacturers have helped a great deal in providing a higher throughput alternative by minimizing the time spent in material handling of the tablet as well as the changeover between batches. Tablet Coating Machine Suppliers have also been able to supply more uniform tablets as well as hygienic tablets. The separate polishing pans result in varied textures of the tablet consistently without causing any damage to the integrity of the individual damage.

  • cGMP Tablet Coating Machine, Available in Different Models with conventional type
  • Easy mounting arrangement considering changeover of coating / polishing pan.
  • Separate mobile Hot Air Blower System & separate electric control panel with AC Drive
  • Digital Temperature Controller provided with necessary temperature control device with interlocking for heater function.
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Oscillating Granulator (Vertical Type “ACCURA” MODEL)

Model-8'' & Dia. & 12" Dia.

Oscillating granulator is used for gentle homogenization, size reduction, grading, and sieving of dry, sensitive powders and granules. The advantage of this vertical granulator is that it allows the capability of processing heat-sensitive products. Its smooth operations are also guaranteed by the oil-enclosed gearing which results in less wear and tear and makes it’s a good long-term investment. The vertical granular equipment is engineered by FLUIDPACK with an oscillating motion which improves the granulating process by the use of advanced technology. The sieve which comes as a part of the vertical granulator is easy to install and dismount with its tightness adjustable like its other removable parts.

  • cGMP Model suitable for Wet & Dry both type 0f Granulation
  • Efficient reciprocating type Granulator.
  • It is quiet in operation and robust and durable in design.
  • All gearing is enclosed in oil bath. No grease or other external lubrication is required.
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