Roll Compactor Machine- Application in Pharmaceutical Industry

The advancement is witnessed in every sector, and pharmaceutical is not also legging behind any sector. The modern operation techniques and machineries are transforming to serve the patients in the easiest and better way.

Roll Compactor Machine is one such innovation. It is introduced to cater the increasing demand of tablets. It offers greater productivity and helps in simplified processing in tablet formation.

Roll Compactor Machine & its Working Process

The Roll Compactor Machine is used to increase the bulk density of granules, which is essential for tablet press as it requires good, consistent and flowing materials for high productivity. They come into two models; (i) Water Jacketed and (ii) Plain & Water Jacketed.

Roll Compactor is also known as dry granulator, consists of three major parts such as:

  • Feeding System
  • Compaction Unit
  • Size Reduction Unit

Roll Compactor Machines

Working of Roll Compactor Machines
The working process of dry granulator is described in brief:

  • Material Feeding– The machine has a feed system that conveys the powder to the compaction chamber.
  • Material Compacting– The compaction unit has two rollers. The powder is compacted into a homogenous solid between the rotating counter rolls to produce a ribbon by applying magnitude force.
  • Granulation Process-The size reduction unit mills the ribbons to get the particles of desired size, that is, small or large granules.

The dry granulator is cost-effective way to acquire fine granules. It comes in compact size and promotes continuous process. Thus, it is space and energy efficient.

Roll Compactor Machine: Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry

 Proper Formulation of Drugs

  • Sometimes, the granules are accompanied with inconsistent and bulky particles.
  • The materials may also have poor flow properties and poor formulation, and it may hamper the tablet processing.
  • The roll compactor can be used to overcome the difficulties by granulating the particles into desired size.

Granulation of Thermolabile Drugs

  • The dry granulator is used to granulate thermolabile drugs, that is, the drugs which are sensitive to heat and often subjects to decompose or change by the application of moderate heat.
  • It does not change the texture and properties of such kind of drugs while granulating them.

Preparation of Active Ingredients & Excipients

  • Roll Compactors blends active ingredients and excipients to make it as dosage forms.
  • It is used to achieve the required increase in bulk density and uniformity of the granules required for tablet manufacturing.

 Compaction of Herbal Dry Extracts

  • Herbal dry extracts often possesses hygroscopic properties due to their hydrophilic components like sugars or organic acids.
  • These extracts show poor compression attributes which makes compaction an essential process prior to production process of tablet.


The roll compactor machines are effective and efficient way of processing granules in pharmaceutical companies.

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