Tablet Deburring & Dedusting (Elavating) Machine – “ACCURA” Deduster Model

  • cGMP Model
  • Max. Output 2,50,000 Tablet / Hr.
  • Tablet movement is in upward direction – Bottom to Top.
  • Can be easily attached with Metal Detector Unit
Tablet Dedusting Elevating Machine

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Tablet Deburring & Dedusting (Elavating) Machine

Output (for 8mm tablet)* 5,000 to 2,50,000 tablet / Hour
Conveying Height Differential 250 mm
Max. Tablet Diameter 25 mm
Min. Tablet Diameter 5 mm
Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz / 1 Ph

Depending upon tablet shape & size.

Tablet Deburring & Dedusting (Elavating) Machine Salient Features

  • Dedusting, Deburring and Conveying by Vibration: The tried and tested vibration Basis of these De-Dusters. Fine-tuning of the oscillating magnets with the spring assemblies causes the tablet to move forward, turning and rotating along the perforated spiral. This removes dust and burrs resulting from pressing are gently broken off.
  • Direct De-Dusting and Transport for any Tablet Press: The De-Dusters can be used with any Tablet Press from any manufacturer.
  • Simple Disassembly for Cleaning: Loosening a Locking screws allows all the components mounted on a central shaft to be easily removed. The outer cylinder is pulled off after opening a collar. All components may be cleaned dry or wet, allowing optimal cleaning to be achieved in accordance with GMP standards.
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: The new tablet De-Duster Model AC-DDEL-500 combines gentle conveying, burring and De-dusting action with very Low noise level, user friendly and low maintenance, and easy cleaning operations as well. Vibration is limited to the spiral only, this allows rigid assembly
  • Can be easily attached with Metal Detector Unit