Tablet Coating Machine – “ACCURA” cGMP Tablet Coating Machines

Model-30" Dia. to 60" Dia.

  • cGMP Tablet Coating Machine, Available in Different Models with conventional type
  • Easy mounting arrangement considering changeover of coating / polishing pan.
  • Separate mobile Hot Air Blower System & separate electric control panel with AC Drive
  • Digital Temperature Controller provided with necessary temperature control device with interlocking for heater function.
Tablet Coating Machine
Technical Specification
TYPE ACM-30 ACM-36” ACM-42” ACM-48” ACM 60”
Coating Pan Size 30” Dia 36” Dia 42” Dia 48” Dia 60 “ Dia
Volumetric Cap. 45 Ltr 75 Ltr 125 Ltr 185 Ltr 300 Ltr
Max. RPM 25 25 25 25 18
Main Drive Motor 2. H.P. / 1.5 KW. 960 RPM, 3 PHASE , 415 VOLTS, 50 HZ 7.5. H.P. / 5.5 KW. 960 RPM, 3 PHASE , 415 VOLTS, 50 HZ
Blower Motor 0.37 KW/ 0.5 KW, 2800 RPM, 3Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz
Electric heater 6 KW 6 KW 6 KW 6 KW 10 KW

* Depending upon Material's properties and screen size.>

Fluidpack supplies Accura cGMP Tablet Coating Machines to facilitate the tablet coating process used for film and sugar coating of pills. The machine comes in 5 variants- ACM-30, ACM-36, ACM-42, ACM-48, and ACM-60 allowing other dimensions to be used as well. Provision for 72” is also available within the machine. The machine consists of a coating pan in order to give a flawless coating. The machine structure is built with SS Square tubes and the base plate with MS cladded with SS giving it a robust structure, making it corrosion free thus giving the machine a long life. The machine is very easy to operate and maintain making it user-friendly.

Salient Features
  • The machine is having study structure of square SS square pipes. Base plate is of MS having SS cladding. It is very much easy for cleaning.
  • Electric motor & Gear box are directly coupled.
  • Coating pan is mounted directly on Gear box shaft, having convenient mounting angle of 300.
  • Coating Pan is designed to give quality coating of Tablets.
  • Coating pan is made of SS 304 (SS 316 Optional)
  • Fixed Baffles are provided in coating pan (optionally) to facilitate the tablet mixing during the coating operation which helps in achieving uniform tablet finish.
  • Separate hot air blower unit of adequate heating element is provided with temperature controller.
  • For main motor drive AC variable frequency drive is provided with the machine.
  • The MACHINE is having separate Electric control panel.
  • Separate polishing pan also can be provided.
  • 72” Also Available,
  • Polishing Pan, Baffles, Thermostat control (Optional)