Tablet Coating Machine – “ACCURA” cGMP Tablet Coating Equipment

Model-30" Dia. to 60" Dia.

The tablet coater while giving a smooth finish to tablets also ensures physical and chemical protection of the tablets. Tablet coating machines protect the drug from the gastric environment as well as help in taste masking and making them odour free. Tablet coater manufacturers have helped a great deal in providing a higher throughput alternative by minimizing the time spent in material handling of the tablet as well as the changeover between batches. Tablet Coating Machine Suppliers have also been able to supply more uniform tablets as well as hygienic tablets. The separate polishing pans result in varied textures of the tablet consistently without causing any damage to the integrity of the individual damage.

  • cGMP Tablet Coating Machine, Available in Different Models with conventional type
  • Easy mounting arrangement considering changeover of coating / polishing pan.
  • Separate mobile Hot Air Blower System & separate electric control panel with AC Drive
  • Digital Temperature Controller provided with necessary temperature control device with interlocking for heater function.
Tablet Coating Machine


TYPE ACM-30 ACM-36” ACM-42” ACM-48” ACM 60”
Coating Pan Size 30” Dia 36” Dia 42” Dia 48” Dia 60 “ Dia
Volumetric Cap. 45 Ltr 75 Ltr 125 Ltr 185 Ltr 300 Ltr
Max. RPM 25 25 25 25 18
Main Drive Motor 2. H.P. / 1.5 KW. 960 RPM, 3 PHASE , 415 VOLTS, 50 HZ 7.5. H.P. / 5.5 KW. 960 RPM, 3 PHASE , 415 VOLTS, 50 HZ
Blower Motor 0.37 KW/ 0.5 KW, 2800 RPM, 3Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz
Electric heater 6 KW 6 KW 6 KW 6 KW 10 KW

* Depending upon Material's properties and screen size.>

Fluidpack supplies Accura cGMP Tablet Coating Machines to facilitate the tablet coating process used for film and sugar coating of pills. The machine comes in 5 variants- ACM-30, ACM-36, ACM-42, ACM-48, and ACM-60 allowing other dimensions to be used as well. Provision for 72” is also available within the machine. The machine consists of a coating pan in order to give a flawless coating. The machine structure is built with SS Square tubes and the base plate with MS cladded with SS giving it a robust structure, making it corrosion free thus giving the machine a long life. The machine is very easy to operate and maintain making it user-friendly.

Tablet Coating Machine Salient Features

  • The machine is having study structure of square SS square pipes. Base plate is of MS having SS cladding. It is very much easy for cleaning.
  • Electric motor & Gear box are directly coupled.
  • Coating pan is mounted directly on Gear box shaft, having convenient mounting angle of 300.
  • Coating Pan is designed to give quality coating of Tablets.
  • Coating pan is made of SS 304 (SS 316 Optional)
  • Fixed Baffles are provided in coating pan (optionally) to facilitate the tablet mixing during the coating operation which helps in achieving uniform tablet finish.
  • Separate hot air blower unit of adequate heating element is provided with temperature controller.
  • For main motor drive AC variable frequency drive is provided with the machine.
  • The MACHINE is having separate Electric control panel.
  • Separate polishing pan also can be provided.
  • 72” Also Available,
  • Polishing Pan, Baffles, Thermostat control (Optional)