Colloid Mill (“ACCURA” Horizontal Type cGMP Colloid Mill Machine)

  • Excellent for homogenous mixing of different liquids having different viscosity.
  • Three-way cock for draining and re-circulation of liquids provided as standard.
  • Contact parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • Special design facilitates adjustment of fine grinding gap by an exterior screw by means of handle even during operation.
Colloid Mill


Model Vertical –Dx
Output LTR-/ Hr. 145 to 1400 Ltrs./Hr.
Hopper Capacity 15 Ltr
Motor Type Vertical, Flange Mounted
Motor 5 H.P. X 2880 RPM X 3 PH.X 440 V. X 50 Hz. A.C. Supply
Motor Coupling Belt Driven
Over All Dimensions  (mm) 963 (L) X 363(W) X 1035 (H)
Floor Space (mm) 365 x 720
Net Weight  (Approx) 165 Kgs
Gross Weight (Approx) 255 Kgs

* Depending upon viscosity of material.

Colloid Mill Salient Features

  • Grinding accuracy of 5 – 10 micron due to the perfectly matched & specially designed Conical shaped stator & Rotor Assly.
  • S. S. Fabricated Square Body on which Machine and Motor both are mounted, in Vertical Type Deluxe Model.
  • All Contact Parts are made out of SS–304 Material. (SS 316 optionally)
  • Circular Ring Shaped, internally Conical Stator having two different tooth stages, for higher accuracy.
  • Toothed Conical Rotor is Coupled with Belt in Vertical Deluxe Model.
  • Stator & Rotor Assly. is balanced and housed in the Stainless Steel Housing.
  • Extended Bearing Housing specially designed to facilitate fine adjustment of bearing clearances of back lash to avoid metal contact of Rotor in Vertical Deluxe Model.
  • Special designed adjustment of the grinding gap by an exterior screw by means of two handles even during the operation.
  • Water Jacketed Hopper are as standard feature.
  • Higher Capacity Hopper & FLP Model also Available (Optionally)
  • S.S. Trolley with Castor wheels can be provided (Optionally)
  • Three way cock system for draining and recirculation of liquids provided as standard, in water jacketed models.
  • Extra discharge spout provided as a standard for viscous material.