How to Keep Your Tablet Press Machine Clean

The working of a tablet press depends on many important factors like its built quality, durability, specification and maintenance. Cleaning is one of the very important aspects of regular maintenance, that helps in the smooth functioning of the tablet press. Pill press machines that are not cleaned on a regular basis, can lead to many problems such as defective products or products containing improper dosages. Hence, cleaning is one of the most critical aspects for any pill press machine. It is advisable to have the validation and documentation process for the cleanliness of the machine.


Steps for Cleaning Tablet Press Machine


Cleaning the Exterior:

Clean all the visible dirt on the exterior of the equipment and remove any excess formulation with the help of vacuum. Avoid using compressed air to blow off excess material as it can trap the material in hidden pockets and housings leading to problems in the future.


Visual Inspection of Machine:

Examine the tablet press machine to gauge the condition of the parts. Look for the signs of damage in different parts and set aside the parts that need to be repaired or replaced.


Prepare the Machine for Cleaning:

Dismantle the removable part of the pill press machine carefully for cleaning. Puch heads, plates, feed frames and guards are some of the parts that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Mini Tablet Press Machine


Use the Right Equipment:

Use specially designed brushes and cleaning tools to clean the machine. Do not apply unnecessary force as the parts of the machine can be damaged if not handled properly.


Use the Right Cleaner:

The choice of the cleaner mostly depends on the soils that are on your tablet press machine. You need to consider the type of surface you are cleaning to ensure that you are choosing the right cleaner.


Setting Up a Cleaning Method:

Apart from using the right cleaner, it is vital to consider some of the important factors like amount of detergent, temperature, dwell time, cleaning method and type of water.


Thorough Rinsing:

Once the cleaning is completed, a thorough rinsing should be done. It helps in removing extra detergent left on the surface.


Cleaning Validation:

Cleaning Validation is helpful in the identification of any remaining leftover from the cleaners, which helps in preventing contamination.



Once the tablet press is cleaned, disinfection should be done, if needed.


Drying the Parts:

All the parts of the pill press machine should be dried completely to prevent corrosion or rusting.

Following the established cleaning routine for your pill press machine not only helps in keeping it smooth and efficient, but also extends the serviceable like of the machine. Regular cleaning of the machine can also play a vital role in preventing product problems and regulatory issues. A thoughtful implementation of a regular cleaning process can lead to efficiency and savings in the long run. Every tablet manufacturer should implement this considering its benefits.