Importance of Dust Extractor in Medicinal Industry

Cleanliness is a basic requirement in every processing unit. And, if the unit produces consumable products, it becomes mandatory for a producer to maintain proper hygiene and comply norms of manufacturing products. Thus, the producers use air equipments to maintain clean environment and quality of air during manufacturing process.

A dust extractor is a mechanic device which is used to improve and maintain quality of air. It removes impurities from the air and makes it clean and breathable which is essential for products as well as workers in the industrial house.

Dust Extractor Machine

Dust Extractor: Application &Importance in Medicinal Industry

  • A standard dust extractor has various parts which work together to clear dust particles from air. The dust extraction hood is located close to the point where the dust is generated which is connected to a suction hose.
  • The suction hose is usually connected to a type of pip work in fluid. The hose operates with a separation accessory to separate the dust from the air taken in via air flow. Parts used for separating the dust from suctioned air by the dust extraction system consists of filters and cyclones
  • The dust extractor maintains dust-free environment during production of commodities. It is highly demanded from industries like Food & Beverage, and especially from pharmaceutical.
  • It also helps in capturing toxic dust generated during tablet compression in medicinal industry which is physically hazardous and volatile material.
  • The toxic dusty air can even be harmful to health of workers which may result into their absenteeism and low productivity.
  • The dust extractor helps producer to supply dust-free products which is approved and imported by various countries.

Future Insights of Demand of Dust Extractor

  • There is a growing demand for various manufacturing plants to become cleaner and environmentally responsible to ensure that future generations also enjoy the benefits of clean air.
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has witnessed a positive trend in the production and export of its products. It is predicted that it would be among the top 10 markets in the world by 2020.
  • The pharma sector also has huge market of mechanized cleaning. Professional cleaning of pharmaceutical facilities is necessary to obtain the necessary compliances guided by various nations.
  • Producers across the globe started using dust extractor in manufacturing process to comply with the regulations and guidelines by various countries to produce export-oriented tablets.
  • Thus, there is good scope and great demand of pharmaceutical dust extractor in many countries including India.

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