Punches & Dies

Punches & dies
Be it simple or complicated, we at Fluidpack offers best quality tablet compression tooling – Punches & Dies. Our punches & dies are designed with utmost precision of different and shapes.
Punches and dies compression machines offered by us have varied salient features.

  • Made with advanced software IDEAS/CAD system.
  • Ensures repeatability & accuracy.
  • Produces complete documented reports.
  • Quality material used for tablet press dies.
  • Maintained IPT & EURO standard.
  • Tablet punching machine is available in varied shapes and size.

We hare leading punching machine and tablet press die manufacturer outgrown on one mission of providing better tableting solutions.
We manufacture and export exclusive punches & dies tools to Usa, India, Russian federation, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Canada and many other countries.

Salient features

  • Low Maintenance required.
  • Easy to adjust height.
  • Robust tool life.
  • Uninterrupted process.
  • Cost effective and worthwhile.
  • Longer life span of tools.
  • User friendly.
  • Highly precise and accurate operations.