B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press– Features and Applications

B4- Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press is a tablet pressed machine which is used in production of simple and precised tablets in different pharmaceutical industries as well as different relevant industries. There are different series of tablet machine been available which is used for high production of tablets but still the working principle of the machine remains the same. Double Sided Rotary Tablet is a high speed mechanical device that compresses the ingredients into required tablet shape with extreme precision. Its works on the principle of compression where a tablet is been formed by action of punches and dies.

Double Rotary Tablet Press

B4-Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press is available in different series and range varying with the technical properties that includes number of stations, type of tooling that is B,D, BB been used giving output of number of tablets per hour. The combination of dies, punches and their set up on compression machine is known as tooling. This tooling is further been classified mainly as B & D, B tooling can be further specified as BB and D tooling tooling can also be utilized with dies and punches with B tooling also known as DB.

Some of the salient features include:

  • Machine is having C.I Body and C.I Middle plate with paint free tablet manufacturing zone.
  • Electronic Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter with double slided lifting camps.
  • There are different guards available that is lower guard, upper guard and turret guard. Inter lock switches to all Guards.
  • Reverse direction motion protection to avoid accident.
  • There are effective nozzles for dust extraction.
  • One shot lubrication system with variable speed pulley and anti vibrating mounts.

The working principle of the tablet press machine involves powder filling, compression and tablet discharge. The process is very simple and straight forward that results in high productions of tablets.

Machine is been designed on the basis of following components:

Hopper: Holding and feeding granulation Dies: Defines size and shapes of tablet. Punches: For compression of granules within dyes Cams: Guiding the movement for punches. Feed paddle: Helps to direct material into die cavity Control System: Co-ordinates with most of the functions of the machine. Ejection Cam: Removes tablets from die cavity There are advantages for double sided rotary tablet press described as below:

High Production:

  • As the machine has many tool stations, it is been is used for large scale table production.
  • It can give maximum output of Max. Output 2,16,000 Tablet / Hr.
  • It makes a perfect choice for most pharmaceutical industries.

Fully/ Partially Automated System:

By the automated system you can control weight and hardness of the tablets independently. Machine automatically manages the cavity. Other advantages include the robust design, efficiency, and cost saving features with reliability that depends on the design of the machine.

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