Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine Construction and Features

A tablet press or a pill press machine is a mechanical device that is used to manufacture tablets by compressing the powder. The tablets, hence produced, are of uniform size & weight. These machines have the competency to manufacture a variety of tablets for multiple industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to industrial pellets and cosmetics.

A tablet press machine makes use of granulated powder to produce the pills. The two punches and a die form a cavity in which the powder is forced to enter. The punches are then pressed together with a great force to fuse the material together. There are two types of tablet press machine available, namely- single-punch and rotary tablet press. A single punch pill press machine uses a single set of tooling, i.e. a die & a pair of upper and lower punches. On the other hand, rotary press comprises of multiple tooling stations that rotate to compress powder and form tablets.

Summary: Pill press machine is a mechanical device that produces a tablet by compressing the granulated powder. It consists of 2 punches and a die which forms a cavity. The powder is metered through this cavity and the punches press together in order to fuse this powder. There are 2 types of tablet press machine preferred widely, i.e. single-punch and rotary tablet presses.

Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine:
The single rotary tablet press machine is a highly compatible machine and is extensively used in industries like- pharmaceutical, food, etc. It is designed for small batch production. The hopper capacity of the machine is 4 litres and the number of stations varies from 9 to 13. Main pressure and Pre-pressure of single rotary tablet press machine can be altered. Both values depend on the size of the compress and the filling depth. They also depend on the physical specification of the material that is used for compression.

D-4 Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press

Features of Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine:
This tablet press machine is equipped with a bi-layer facility and an A.C variable drive. It comes with a gravity feeder with an option of switching to force feeder. The parts of single rotary tablet press machine are lubricated with grease, not oil. Grease is a much better alternative for being used as a lubricant as it provides more leakage control. It acts as a better sealant against contaminants and hence is competent enough to tolerate extreme conditions. Grease remains in the machine much longer than oil and thus it reduces the need for changing lubricant frequently.

The lower guards of the machine are manufactured from stainless steel that makes them durable and corrosion free. The center drive of this pill press machine is fitted with the gearbox. All the Upper guards are provided with Interlock switches and are made of acrylic material. The acrylic construction makes it light in weight and stronger as the acrylic has a tendency to not snap even under high impact. Single rotary tablet press machine boasts of PLC & MMI touch screen that ensures easy workability. It performs vibration-free operation and is easy to control at 35 RPM.

Summary: A rotary tablet press machine is extensively used in industries like- pharmaceutical, food, etc., and is very compatible. It has a very sturdy construction and comprises of PLC & MMI touch screen that imparts easy workability. The machine is able to perform vibration free operations, thus ensuring efficient performance.

The Bottom Line: The pill press machine is manufactured in state of the art facilities available at Fluidpack. Machines are manufactured as per the cGMP standards and ensure longevity, having a high rate of production. Different variants of single rotary tablet press machine are available at Fluidpack, namely- ACCURA MODEL D4-Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press, Single Rotary Tablet Press (“Accura” Model Act- I), Slugging (Bolus) Single Sided Tablet Press, Mini Tablet Press – Single Rotary Tablet Press.