Advanced Tablet Press Machines and Their Uses

Tablet Press Machines

Tablet Press Machines have been the main workhorses in clinical and large-scale productions of tablets. It is used for making a variety of tablets in uniform shapes from different types of powdered raw material. The tablet press machine is commonly known to us by a plethora of names like tablet press, tablet compression, tableting machine, Pharmaceutical tablet press machine. 

Working Principle of Tablet Presses 

The basic principle in its working is that the granulated powder is filled in between the cavity formed by the punches and dies and thereafter, the punches are pressed together with great force to give formation to the tablets.

Single Rotary Pill Press
Single Rotary Tablet Press

Types of Advanced Tablet Press

The basic categorization has been of two types-Single Press Tablet Machine and the Rotary Tablet Press Machine. With advancing technologies and state-of-the-art engineering methods, Tablet Press Machine Manufacturers have been able to design and feature automated systems in tablet presses with overwhelming features. A single punch tablet press is driven by a motor or hand and has a–punch–die set. The rotary tablet press has a rotating turret that holds multiple punches. The basic components of the rotary tablet press like the Hopper, Die Cavity, Feed paddle, Compressors, Ejection cam, Control system must be of good quality and are covered with a strong cover offering a noiseless operation as well as with the required efficiency.

D-4 Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press
Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press

The Mini tablet press machine is one of the rotary tablet press which is ideal for small-scale productions. They are of importance when the ingredients that go into the making of the tablet are highly valued. Such tablet formulations require zero wastage and precision. They are compact and versatile and have all the latest methodology integrated with them. They can handle non-free-flowing powders and an excellent solution for research and development purposes. The recent technologies take care that the die and punch are developed for long life and minimal wear and tear.

Mini Tablet Press Machine
Accura Mini Tablet Press Machine

The Rotary tablet press machines are also called the multi-station machine as they have multiple tooling which rotates to produce uniform and homogenous tablets. They are aimed to increase the output at a massive scale. The Double-Sided Slugging Tablet Press or the Bolus tablet press is designed with pre-compression and hydraulic power pack with auto lubrication. They have an interlocked upper guard and overhead relay protection. These upgraded features save time in a big way and also ensure safety when speed production is carried on. The latest Pill presses (Version IV) is the high-end class machinery with gas-filled shock absorbers. Manufacturers of table presses have deeply analysed and studied the needs and areas which can bring up better and synchronized production. The tablet compression machine again with its unique features helps in frictionless rotation and its multi-piece turrets help in avoiding any crack between dying holes. This indicates that the tablets also come out clean with less spillage and damage. The Double Rotary tableting machine construction is devised in such a way that it operates at a high utilization ratio and with very little maintenance.

Accura Model Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Take Away

Leading Manufacturers of tablet presses fabricate the highest quality of tablet presses with the most innovative of features. The primary goal of any tablet press process is to deliver tablets that are uniform in weightage along with the physical and chemical stability to make them long-lasting. This is where the role of advanced tablet presses is important. There are tablet press machines that are also used for confectionaries, neutraceuticals, pesticides, salt, and detergent tablets. The tablet presses are manufactured with a lot of new technologies like CAD/ CAM with Dies and Punches, Pantograph machine, Wire cutting machine, CNC Turning centre, Automated Grinding, and Polishing. This has given an entirely new dimension to the field of tablet presses and they are continuously upgraded to provide benefits better than the yester ones.