All about Punches and Dies

Punches and Dies play a significant role in the production of tablets. They are also known by the name of compression tools or tablet tooling. They come in varied types to underpin pharmaceutical industry by providing the diverse shape of pills.


The use of quality punches and dies comes with its own benefits, such as:

  • Excellent outcome
  • Increased shelf-life and easy maintenance
  • No or minimal chances of downtime which can save labor cost

This tells us a lot about the necessity of using proper tools. The article will further focus on the configuration and types of punches and dies.

Specification of Tablet Tooling: Configurations

Punches & Dyes

  • Tablet press machines are manufactured while keeping in view the type of dies and punches which will be applied to them. The punches & dies and their arrangement on tablet press is known as tooling. It is mainly classified into B and D tools.
  • The B tooling punches and dies can further have specifications as BB, and the D tooling can also be utilized on B tooling machine which is called as DB.
  • There are two standards of “B” and “D” tooling configurations used in manufacturing of tablets in the world today, namely American and European standards.
  • American Standard is known as the TSM standard. TSM tooling specifications are the only published standards for the tablet compression industry. It is the sole reference on U.S. manufacturing standards for tablets and tablet tooling. It was instituted by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).
  • European Standard is known as the EU or Euronorm standard. EU standard tool configurations are not published or governed by an organization or association. The EU standard is the most common tooling configuration used outside the U.S.A.
  • TSM and EU configurations are very similar to each other but both are different on the basis of punch head, punch length and head thickness.
  • These standards were established in the industry to provide a structure that protects companies’ tooling investments while maintaining established processes and procedures.

Types of Compression Tools & its Description

  • D tooling 
    Barrel Diameter is 1 inch
    Head Diameter is 1 and ¼th inch length is 5.25 inch
    Dies outer diameter is 0.945 inch
  • BB Tolling 
    Barrel Diameter is 0.75 inch
    Head Diameter is 1 inch length is 5.25 inch
    Dies outer diameter is 30.16 mm
  • BB Tooling
    B tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long.
  • DB Tooling
    Punch Length and Diameter of DB tooling is similar that of D tooling but the die diameter varies between them.
  • D tooling dies and punches are usually have a greater diameter of the tip of punches as compared to B type tolling which makes D type tooling ideal for compression of big size tablets.

Classifications of tools on the basis on their sizes are exhibited in the table below:

Tooling Type

Punch Barrel Diameter

Outer Diameter of Die


25.4 mm

38.10 mm


19.0 mm

30.16 mm


19.0 mm

24.00 mm


25.4 mm

30.16 mm

How to maintain Punches and Dies?

The maintenance of compression tooling becomes easy by following these mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: The punches and dies must be cleaned on the periodical basis. They can be washed in water and dried using a cloth.
  • Step 2: They must be evaluated with the proper and high-quality maintenance equipment prior to its installation as well as after using it for certain time to increase their shelf life.
  • Step 3: The regular inspection of punches and dies will provide us with information if any punch or die is corroded and whether it requires any repairing or not. If it requires, the prompt step must be taken towards it to decrease it negative effects.
  • Step 4: Measuring tools with the help equipment and polishing them whenever required will boost their performance by which accurate production will become possible.
  • Step 5: Lubricating compression tooling will decrease friction and enhance the operational activity of the tablet press machine. A range of non-toxic, FDA approved oils and greases are recommended for different applications such as preservatives or lubrication purposes. One should also take a note to store them in the safe and moisture-free place.

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